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Multifamily Energy Retrofit Program


Florida Housing received a grant of just over $7.5 million from the Florida Office of Energy (housed within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) to create a revolving loan fund to carry out energy retrofits on older rental apartment properties.  The goal of this program is to reduce energy use and cost at rental properties by updating and replacing old, inefficient building components with energy efficient components.  Loans will finance energy efficient improvements identified in an energy audit for each eligible property.  The energy audit must show a projected energy savings for each recommended measure.


Florida Housing has partnered with the Program for Resource Efficient Communities at the University of Florida to track utility data on properties that undergo a MERP retrofit.  This will allow Florida Housing to measure energy performance improvements at the property and inform future programs.


Program Guidelines


The maximum funding amount will be $15,000 per unit (including soft costs/fees), with the actual amount based on recommended measures in the energy audit.  A portion of the funding may be in the form of a grant; most of the funding will be a loan. The loan terms are described in the RFA located here.


How to Apply


Property owners will apply for a MERP loan through a competitive RFA process.  Information regarding the availability of funding is available here.