Florida Housing Finance Corporation
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Competitive Application Process
Apply for Funding

Tentative 2016-2016 FHFC Funding Time Lines 8-18-16  


2016/2017 RFA Process


Areas of Opportunity


2016 Rule Development Process


Request for Applications (RFAs)


·     RFAs Issued in 2016 

·     RFAs Issued in 2015 

·     RFAs Issued in 2014 

·     RFAs Issued in 2013 


Limited Development Areas (LDAs)


HUD-Designated Difficult Development Areas (DDAs) and Qualified Census Tracts (QCTs)

·       2015 DDAs & QCTs

·       2014 DDAs & QCTs    


Housing Credit (HC) Compliance Monitoring Fees

·        2015 HC Compliance Monitoring Fees

·        2014 HC Compliance Monitoring Fees

·        2013 HC Compliance Monitoring Fees


Program Rules


    ·        Rule Chapter 67-60, FAC, Multifamily Competitive Solicitation Funding Process

o   Rule Chapter 67-60, FAC, effective 10-8-14

o   Rule Chapter 67-60, FAC, effective 8-20-13


    ·       Rule Chapter 67-48, FAC, Competitive Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing Programs (SAIL, HOME, HC, EHCL)

        o   Rule Chapter 67-48, FAC, effective 10-8-14

    o   Rule Chapter 67-48, FAC, effective 10-9-13


Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

o   2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

o   2015 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

o   2014 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)


Estimated 2016 Competitive Housing Credit Allocation Amounts


Timelines for Previous Request for Applications (RFAs)

o   2014-2015 FHFC Funding Time Lines

o   2013-2014 FHFC Funding Time Lines  


Related References and Links

·        References and Links Related to RFAs issued in 2015

·        References and Links Related to RFAs issued in 2014

·        References and Links Related to RFAs issued in 2013

·        References and Links Related to 2011 Universal Application Cycle


General RFA Process Public Comments


Archived Information