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Multifamily Programs
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Click on one of the following to Apply for Funding:


·       Competitive Funding Programs:  

o   Competitive Housing Credits

o   HOME

o   SAIL

·       Non-Competitive Funding Programs:  

o   Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MMRB)

o   Non-Competitive Housing Credits 


2013 Surveyor Certification Form, Local Government Verification of Contribution Forms, and Local Government Verification of Qualification as a TOD Development Form(Interactive PDF Format)

The applicable form(s) must be included as an attachment in the Applicant’s submission in response to an applicable Request for Applications (RFA).  Submission of the form(s) separate from the Applicant’s submission in response to an applicable RFA will not be considered.


2013 Development Team & Ability to Proceed Certification Forms (Interactive PDF Format)

The due date for any particular applicable certification form (or a similar certification letter as permitted by the applicable competitive solicitation (RFP or RFA)), and any required attachments thereto, will be specified in the applicable competitive solicitation and/or the invitation to enter credit underwriting.


Related References and Links


Elderly Housing Community Loan

Offers up to $750,000 in loans to make substantial improvements to existing affordable rental housing for the elderly.


HOME Investment Partnerships

Makes low or no interest, non-amortizing loans to developers who acquire, rehabilitate or construct housing for low income families.


Low Income Housing Tax Credits (“Housing Credits”)

Provides nonprofit and for-profit developers with a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal tax liability in exchange for the development of affordable rental housing.

Multifamily Energy Retrofit Program
Provides loans to older Florida Housing properties for energy retrofits to save on energy and operating costs.

Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds

Uses both taxable and tax-exempt bonds to provide below market rate construction loans to nonprofit and for-profit developers of affordable housing.


Predevelopment Loan Program

Assists affordable housing developers with up to $750,000 in financing for predevelopment activities associated with the construction of affordable housing, such as rezoning, title searches, impact fees and other requirements.


State Apartment Incentive Loan

Provides developers with the gap financing needed to obtain full financing of affordable rental housing.