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Public Comments  
Comments on the 2013 Universal Cycle can be sent to Steve Auger, Executive Director, or Ken Reecy, Multifamily Development Director, by choosing one of the following methods:

By Email:Steve.Auger@floridahousing.org

By Fax:(850) 488-9809, attn: Steve Auger
attn: Ken Reecy

By Mail:Florida Housing Finance Corporation
c/o Steve Auger
c/o Ken Reecy
227 North Bronough Street, Suite 5000
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Date of
Submitted By
12-04-2012Alberto Milo - Related Urban Development Group.pdf
11-15-2012Wight Greger - WsG and Partners, LLC.pdf
11-15-2012Christopher Shear - Housing Trust Group.pdf
11-14-2012Angela Hatcher - Flynn Development Corporation.pdf
11-06-2012Shawn Wilson - Blue Sky Communities.pdf
11-06-2012Alberto Milo - Related Urban Development Group.pdf
11-01-2012Jim Chadwick.pdf
10-31-2012Marcus Goodson - Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.pdf
10-30-2012Priscilla Howard - The Community Solutions Group.pdf
10-23-2012Tam English - Housing Authority of City of Fort Lauderdale.pdf
10-22-2012Oliver Pfeffer - Landmark Companies.pdf
10-18-2012Lloyd Boggio - Carlisle Development Group.pdf
10-17-2012James Murley - South Florida Regional Planning Council.pdf
10-16-2012Shawn Wilson - Blue Sky Communities.pdf
10-16-2012Donald Paxton - Beneficial Communities.pdf
10-15-2012Thomas Barwin - City of Sarasota.pdf
10-15-2012Christopher Shear - Housing Trust Group.pdf
10-12-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
10-12-2012Alberto Milo - Related Urban Development Group.pdf
10-10-2012Sandra Seals - Reliance Housing Foundation.pdf
10-10-2012Alison Colvard.pdf
10-08-2012Oscar Sol - Green Mills Group.pdf
10-07-2012Shannon Nazworth - Florida Supportive Housing Coalition.pdf
10-05-2012Terry Chelikowsky - Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations.pdf
10-01-2012Virginia Panico - Key West Chamber of Commerce.pdf
10-01-2012Jeffrey Thompson - Acacia Realty Advisors.pdf
09-29-2012Honorable Manny Marono - Mayor, City of Sweetwater, on behalf of Florida League of Cities.pdf
09-28-2012Wight Greger.pdf
09-28-2012Paola Roman - Carrfour Supportive Housing.pdf
09-28-2012Betsy Farmer - Promise In Brevard.pdf
09-27-2012Alison Colvard.pdf
09-26-2012Terry Chelikowsky - Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations.pdf
09-25-2012Kenneth Naylor - Carlisle Development Group.pdf
09-25-2012Julia Hale - Pahokee Housing Authority.pdf
09-25-2012Joe Chambers - The Michaels Organization.pdf
09-25-2012Christopher Shear - Housing Trust Group.pdf
09-24-2012Mark Hendrickson - The Hendrickson Company.pdf
09-24-2012Joe Snider - Sequil Systems.pdf
09-21-2012Kyle Clayton - ZF Development.pdf
09-21-2012Honorable David Rice - Mayor, Monroe County.pdf
09-21-2012Edwin Swift, III - Historic Tours of America.pdf
09-20-2012Scott Pridgen - Poinciana Royale.pdf
09-20-2012Paula Rhodes - Norstar Development USA.pdf
09-20-2012John Frezza - Strategic Development & Construction Group.pdf
09-20-2012Doug Mayer - Global Development Initiatives.pdf
09-19-2012Shannon Nazworth - Ability Housing of Northeast Florida.pdf
09-19-2012Jay Brock - Southern Affordable Services.pdf
09-18-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
09-17-2012Joe Chambers - The Michaels Organization.pdf
09-17-2012Alberto Milo - Related Urban Development Group.pdf
09-14-2012Sandra Seals - Reliance Housing Foundation.pdf
09-14-2012Rodger Brown - Preservation of Affordable Housing.pdf
09-14-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
09-13-2012Kurt Kehoe - NRP Group.pdf
09-13-2012David Deutch - on behalf of Coalition of Affordable Housing Providers.pdf
09-12-2012Joseph Pais - AIDS Help.pdf
09-12-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
09-12-2012Dan Wilson - Florida Low Income Housing Associates.pdf
09-08-2012Mark Hendrickson - The Hendrickson Company.pdf
09-05-2012Jorge Aguirre - Picerne Development Corporation of Florida.pdf
09-05-2012Jason Bordainick - Hudson Valley Property Group.pdf
09-05-2012Honorable Craig Cates - Mayor, City of Key West.pdf
09-04-2012Ralph Stone - Broward County Housing Finance and Community Development.pdf
09-04-2012Honorable Suzanne Atwell - City of Sarasota.pdf
09-01-2012Jorge Aguirre - Picerne Development Corporation of Florida.pdf
08-31-2012Steven Hydinger - BREC Development.pdf
08-31-2012Stan Mulvihill - McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc..pdf
08-31-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners (3).pdf
08-31-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners (2).pdf
08-31-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners)(1).pdf
08-31-2012Elena Adames - Housing Trust Group.pdf
08-30-2012Jane Dixon - TAG Associates.pdf
08-30-2012Jaimie Ross - Florida Housing Coalition.pdf
08-29-2012Milton Jones - Milton Jones Development Corp..pdf
08-28-2012Jeff Sharkey - Capitol Alliance Group.pdf
08-28-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
08-23-2012Shannon Nazworth - Florida Supportive Housing Coalition.pdf
08-23-2012Shannon Nazworth - Ability Housing of Northeast Florida.pdf
08-21-2012Bob Colvard - Roundstone Development.pdf
08-20-2012Michael Bodaken - National Housing Trust.pdf
08-20-2012Francisco Rojo - Landmark Companies.pdf
08-20-2012Arby Smith - RichSmith Development.pdf
08-17-2012Alberto Milo, Jr. - Related Urban Development Group.pdf
08-16-2012Marc Plonskier - The Gatehouse Group.pdf
08-14-2012Michael Bodaken - National Housing Trust.pdf
08-14-2012James Hartmann - Seminole County Manager.pdf
08-14-2012Jaimie Ross - 1000 Friends of Florida.pdf
08-13-2012Rodger Brown - Preservation of Affordable Housing.pdf
08-13-2012Peter Sleasman - Florida Institutional Legal Services.pdf
08-13-2012Barry Goldmeier.pdf
08-10-2012Tom Pierce - Office on Homelessness, Department of Children and Families.pdf
08-10-2012John Saxton - Affordable Housing Link.pdf
08-09-2012Mara Mades - Cornerstone Group.pdf
08-09-2012Christine Allamanno - Gulfcoast Legal Services.pdf
08-08-2012Olga Golik - Citrus Health Network.pdf
08-08-2012Jorge Forte - REALM Consulting.pdf
08-07-2012Cindy Highsmith - Seltzer Management Group.pdf
08-06-2012Gregg Fortner - Miami-Dade County Public Housing and Community Development.pdf
08-04-2012Mark Hendrickson - The Hendrickson Company.pdf
08-03-2012Wight Greger.pdf
08-03-2012Nick Inamdar - The Getehouse Group.pdf
08-03-2012Kurt Kehoe - The NRP Group.pdf
08-03-2012Alberto Milo - Related Urban Development Group.pdf
08-02-2012Nick Inamdar - The Gatehouse Group (2).pdf
08-02-2012Nick Inamdar - The Gatehouse Group (1).pdf
08-02-2012Mark Hendrickson.pdf.pdf
08-02-2012Allan Schnier - Realtex Development Corp..pdf
08-01-2012Michael Donaldson - Carlton Fields.pdf
07-31-2012Wight Greger.pdf
07-31-2012Shannon Nazworth - Ability Housing of Northeast Florida.pdf
07-31-2012Richard Cavalieri - Norstar Development USA.pdf
07-31-2012Mark Hendrickson - The Hendrickson Company.pdf
07-31-2012Marc Plonskier & Nick Inamdar - The Gatehouse Group.pdf
07-31-2012Jane Dixon - TAG Associates.pdf
07-31-2012Honorable Michael Reckwerdt - Village of Islamorada.pdf
07-31-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
07-31-2012Francisco Rojo - Landmark Companies.pdf
07-30-2012Mark Hendrickson - The Hendrickson Company.pdf
07-30-2012Mara Mades - Cornerstone Group.pdf
07-28-2012Milton Jones - Milton Jones Development Corp..pdf
07-28-2012Mara Mades - Cornerstone Group.pdf
07-27-2012Shannon Nazworth - Ability Housing of Northeast Florida.pdf
07-27-2012Robert Von - Meridian Appraisal Group.pdf
07-26-2012Mara Mades - Cornerstone Group.pdf
07-25-2012Terrance Brady - Tampa Housing Authority.pdf
07-25-2012Loraine Helber - Punta Gorda Housing Authority.pdf
07-23-2012Paula Rhodes - Norstar Development USA.pdf
07-23-2012Loraine Helber - Punta Gorda Housing Authority.pdf.pdf
07-23-2012Honorable Guy Thompson - City of Milton.pdf
07-23-2012Honorable Brian Sackett - City of Longwood.pdf
07-19-2012Elaine Black - Liberty City Community Revitalization Trust.pdf
07-18-2012Stephen Frick - Vestcor Development Corp..pdf
07-18-2012Milton Jones - Milton Jones Development Corp..pdf
07-17-2012Glen Bamberger - Wendover Housing Partners.pdf
07-16-2012Sam Johnston - Arbour Valley Development.pdf
07-16-2012Mark Hendrickson - The Hendrickson Company.pdf
07-13-2012Jeff Kiss - Kiss & Company.pdf
07-11-2012Chuck Elsesser - Florida Legal Services.pdf
07-11-2012Cale Smith - Islamorada Chamber of Commerce.pdf
07-10-2012Breck Kean - Prestwick Development.pdf
07-10-2012Angela Hatcher - Flynn Development Corporation.pdf
07-09-2012Tom Flynn - Flynn Development Corporation.pdf
07-09-2012Shannon Nazworth - Ability Housing.pdf
06-29-2012John Saxton - Affordable Housing Link.pdf
06-27-2012Tom Shelly - Sand Companies.pdf
06-20-2012Ralph Stone - Broward County Housing Finance & Community Development Division.pdf
06-12-2012Bob Colvard - Roundstone Development.pdf
06-07-2012Jaimie Ross - Florida Housing Coalition.pdf
06-06-2012Wenston DeSue - Bradenton Housing Authority.pdf
06-06-2012Brian McDonough and Patricia Green - Stearns Weaver et al..pdf
06-05-2012Christine Robinson - Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners.pdf
05-31-2012David Cronin - & Alicia Magazu - Jacksonville Legal Aid, Inc..pdf
05-30-2012Annie Lord - South Florida Community Development Coalition.pdf
05-23-2012Maria Barcus - Housing Partners of Florida.pdf
05-17-2012Loraine Helber - Punta Gorda Housing Authority.pdf
05-15-2012Barry Goldmeier.pdf
04-25-2012 Honorable Otis T. Wallace, City of Florida City.pdf
03-27-2012Kerry Kirby - 365 Connect.pdf
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